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  • Have Say on School Funds

    In my blog of 3 February 2017, I urged all members of the community affiliated with Slough Schools to participate in a consultation about School funds. This was in response to an announcement by the Government that huge funding cuts are to be made to education services in Slough.

    To report on this on-going consultation, Slough Observer published an article on 24 March 2017, which can be seen below. Once again, I urge you to put forward your views about funding cuts, to help us do what we can to provide adequate resources for educating our future generations.

    A consultation on the controversial new funding formula for schools in the area closed this week as officials urged parents to make their voices heard.

    The government plans to cut £1.4 million per year from funding for Slough schools.

    Slough Borough Council leaders (SBC) believe the plans would see the vast majority of schools in the town hit by substantial funding reductions, with losses as high as £90,000 per year.

    A public consultation on the issue closed on Wednesday.

    Councillor Sabia Hussain, deputy leader of SBC and commissioner for education and children’s services, said: “Since the scale of the cuts became apparent, the council and schools have opposed the plans because of the devastating impact it will have on children’s lives.

    “It’s crucial parents and other residents voice their concerns so we can send a united message that we want these cuts to reversed.”

    Despite heavy criticism there was no additional revenue funding for schools in the government’s budget for the financial year of 2017/18.

    Herschel Grammar School in Northampton Road told a public meeting last week that its own reserves were due to run out by the end of the academic year. 

    Slough Observer, Friday 24 March 2017

    27 Mar 2017