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Business Studies

Department Profile

Mr K Madhav BA - Head of Business & Economics

Ms S Nathu BA (Hons)



The A Level Business course will enable you to understand how and why business decisions are made and how businesses respond strategically to the changes they face and current issues that impact on business, such as the digital economy. It covers many areas of managing a business including marketing, production, finance and human resources. It will also introduce you to managing a business in a global context and focus on the global issues that impact on business.

The A Level in Business course is structured into four themes.

  • Theme 1 – Marketing and People
  • Theme 2 – Managing Business Activities
  • Theme 3 – Business Behaviour and Strategy
  • Theme 4 – Global Business


Students build knowledge and understanding of core business models and concepts in Themes 1 (Marketing and People) and 2 (Managing Business Activities), and then build on this and apply their knowledge to more complex concepts and models in Themes 3 and 4 and analyse, evaluate and propose possible solutions

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum of 4 GCSE grades at B and 2 GCSE grades at C
  • To include a 5 in GCSE Mathematics and English Language



If you want to begin to ‘think’ like an entrepreneur, you should read a book like ‘Anyone Can Do It’ by Duncan Bannatyne, and ‘Common Sense Rules: What you really need to know about business’ by Deborah Meaden amongst a few. Business students also have the opportunity to participate in competitions such as the Investor Challenge, Young Enterprise Company Programme. An essential way to prepare for the A level business course is to regularly dip into the business news.  A good place to start is the excellent BBC - Company News, The Guardian - Business News, The Independent - Business News and You Tube - Business.

The Business Studies department believes in the value of excursions and educational visits to support student’s curriculum understanding. Planned visits include Coca Cola, British Airways, Westfield London and O2.



A-Level Business Studies will ensure you are effectively prepared for employment in any organisation and provide you with an understanding of how businesses operate. You will develop a range of transferable skills that will support your progression in higher education and employment.



We follow the Edexcel Business specification. This is a new-style linear A level course.  In the second year of the course, you will take three external exams that assess content covered in the first and second year.  These exams will determine your A level grade.

Paper 1 will assess Markets, People and Global Business.  Questions will be drawn from Themes 1 and 4.

Paper 2 will assess Business Activities, Decisions and Strategy. Questions will be drawn from Themes 2 and 3

Paper 3 will assess Investigating Business in a Competitive Environment. Assesses content across all four themes.

There is no coursework, though regular reading and viewing of quality news sources is highly beneficial and is strongly encouraged.




You are interested in business and can see yourself one day working within a large organisation or indeed are interested in starting up and running your own business then this may well be the course for you.



An A-level qualification in Business can lead to a variety of degree courses at university such as Accountancy and Finance, Business and Administration. It is also a useful qualification for students who intend to pursue a career in Banking and Finance, Marketing, Law, Journalism, Retailing and Management. It is a very useful starting point for careers in the business world.