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  • History


    Slough Secondary School was the first major co-educational selective school established in Slough (originally Buckinghamshire, now Berkshire), and occupied a building in William Street in the Town Centre. The William Street building was replaced by the tower block which is now the Slough Campus of Thames Valley University.


    • 1912 – 1925 Mr W Francis-Smith
    • 1923 – 1925 Mr B Llewellyn (Acting)
    • 1925 – 1936 Mr E Rudland Clarke (continued as head of Slough Grammar School for Boys until 1952)


    Having outgrown its premises, the School split into two and became Slough Grammar School for Boys and Slough High School for Girls.  The boys moved immediately to Lascelles Road, but the girls remained at William Street for two more years until their new building in Twinches Lane was completed.



    • 1936 – 1952 Mr E Rudland Clarke
    • 1952 – 1966 Dr W R V Long
    • 1966 – 1982 Mr G Painter (continued as head of Upton Grammar School until 1988)


    • 1936 – 1962 Miss J M Crawford
    • 1962 – 1978 Miss G Owen
    • 1978 – 1982 Miss P Reakes


    The girls and boys school merged in 1982, and became known as Upton Grammar School, after the Upton ward of Slough where Lascelles Road is located.


    • 1982 – 1988 Mr G Painter
    • 1988 – 1993 Mrs M Lenton (continued as head of Slough Grammar School until 2010)


    The school reverted to its original name, Slough Grammar School as a Grant Maintained School, and later converted to Foundation School (2002), Trust School (2006), and Academy (2011).


    • 1988 – 2010 Mrs M Lenton
    • 2010 – 2013 Mrs M Hernández Estrada (continued as Head of Upton Court Grammar School in 2013).


    Having celebrated a hundred years of providing outstanding education to youngsters in Slough, the school re-launched itself building upon its past successes while looking forward into the 21st century. Supported by significant improvement to its facilities through a multi-million pound government investment, the school re-named itself to Upton Court Grammar School. It also became the parent school to the Pioneer Educational Trust, incorporating a local primary school (2013) and a Windsor Middle School (2016).


    • 2013 – 2017 Mrs M Hernández Estrada (continued as CEO of Pioneer Educational Trust)
    • 2017 – Mr M Pritchard

    Pioneer Educational Trust

    In 2013, Upton Court Grammar School became the parent school to Upton Court Educational Trust, later re-named to Pioneer Educational Trust (2017). This incorporated Foxborough Primary School (2013) and Trevelyan Middle School (2016). The overall leadership of the Trust was held by:

    • 2013 – 2017 - Mrs M Hernández Estrada, Executive Principal of Upton Court Educational Trust
    • 2017 – 2018 - Mrs M Hernández Estrada, CEO of Pioneer Educational Trust
    • 2018 – Present - Mrs A Spinks and Mr E Neighbour, Co-CEO's of Pioneer Educational Trust 

    Upton Court Grammar School