At the forefront of education for over 100 years Education at Upton Court is about inspirational teachers and aspirational pupils At the forefront of education for over 100 years Education at Upton Court is about inspirational teachers and aspirational pupils At the forefront of education for over 100 years Education at Upton Court is about inspirational teachers and aspirational pupils
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  • Languages

    “Languages for all, Languages for life”

    Upton Court Grammar School has been a successful Language College since 2002. Our last Ofsted inspection describes our Specialist status as being “at the heart of the school’s creative response to National initiatives, community projects and subject development.”

    As a Language College, our aims are:

    • To enable all students to fulfil their potential, both academically and in terms of personal development.
    • To ensure that the study of languages will give the students, whatever their age, enjoyment and a sense of achievement.
    • To give all students the confidence and competence to communicate at levels appropriate to their ability with native speakers of the language.
    • To give the students insights into the culture and civilisation of the countries where the languages are spoken.
    • To enable all students to develop an awareness and a tolerance of others in order to become citizens of the world.
    • To develop students’ understanding of themselves, their own culture and their own language.
    • To enable all students to adapt and respond flexibly to a changing world, where language skills are increasingly on demand, thereby improving their employability as well as competitiveness.

    Being a Language College enables us to offer a wider range of languages, extra-curricular activities and cross-curricular projects.

    At present, the languages we offer are French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Urdu). These languages are taught as part of the Curriculum or/and as extra-curricular classes.

    We are an accredited “British Council International school” and are committed to widening our pupils’ perspectives as international citizens who are members of a global community. Students experience innovative focus days and joint curriculum projects with other departments; we formally celebrate Chinese New Year, for example. The students are given many opportunities to go abroad on study visits and exchanges to practise their language skills and to experience the culture. Thanks to the Comenius programme, we have a large number of partner schools in Europe, as well as in other parts of the world, such as China and India. These links have enabled us to work on cross-curricular projects. We believe that extra-curricular activities are essential to enhance pupils’ motivation and confidence. These various programmes have broadened the students’ experiences and helped them develop their potential.

    Our Community role is very important to us. Successful partnership links with local Primary and Secondary schools, as well as with Higher Education and local business partners, have been developed over the years. These involve: disseminating good practice, sharing staff and professional development opportunities, and working together on joint projects.

    The Language College leads the delivery and support of languages teaching in many local Primary and Secondary schools. Among other things, we support the learning of Mandarin in local secondary schools and we have led the “National Primary Strategy in Modern Foreign Languages” by providing training and specialist language teachers to local Primary schools.

    The Language College is very proud of the strong links that we have forged with local businesses, such as British Airways and the Spanish Embassy and students have now access to exciting work experience opportunities and high quality external speakers.

    Miss H Vixaysakd BA (Hons.)
    Director of Language College


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    Spring 2014