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  • First 100 Days


    The new Head of School at Upton Court Grammar School, Mark Pritchard, is marking his first hundred days in post, since taking over in September 2017. His appointment came soon after the expansion of Upton Court Educational Trust (now named Pioneer Educational Trust) with the addition of Trevelyan Middle School, Windsor, joining FoxboroughPrimary and Upton Court Grammar School.

    This expansion resulted in Mercedes Hernandez Estrada, who was Principal of Upton Court Grammar School, to be appointed as CEO of the Trust.

    Mr Pritchard’s appointment came half way through a multi-million pound refurbishment of the Upton Court Grammar site, with a new three storey building completed, and on-going complete renovations of the existing 1936 building. The final phase of development, a sports facility, is expected to be completed around the start of 2019.

    As a ‘new style’ head, Mr Pritchard is keen on amalgamating academic research with classroom practice, and has introduced a number of initiatives in his first academic term. Aligned with these initiatives, he has promoted values that he believes are core to the development of young people and future leaders of the 21st century, namely unity, curiosity, growth and service (UCGS – also the school’s name).

    He faces the challenge of maintaining the school’s high standards of outstanding academic achievements, status as the best mixed grammar school in England for student progress and an Outstanding Ofsted rating. Supported by the CEO and governors of the school, as well as passion of staff and parents, he believes this can be achieved.

    Mr Pritchard said “I am very proud to lead this exceptional school, which is currently ranked in the top ten of all schools in the country for student progress.  I believe in the transformative power of education and our students and their many successes demonstrate how great schools can change lives.  I have loved every day of my first term and I am looking forward to the many more to come.”



    Mr Pritchard with students

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