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  • Safety Information for Parents


    As a school we have been made aware of some incidents that were reported to police where a man was seen approaching students on a number of occasions outside schools in the local area. This has not happened outside our school and has not affected any of our pupils but we wanted to make you aware of the situation so that together we can ensure that we do all that we can to keep everyone in our school community safe.

    As a school we have responded with extra vigilance and patrols outside of the school, the police are also supporting us with patrols of the local area and around all Slough schools. The police are continuing to investigate the concerning incidents reported by students from a number of other Slough schools, that happened on the way to and from school and they are following several lines of enquiry. One arrest of a suspect has already been made and the police are due to make a statement about this. As a school we know how concerning these incidents are but we do not want to unduly alarm you as parents’/carers or the students, however, we do want to give clear information and advice. 

    Please encourage your child to walk with siblings and/or peers when arriving and leaving school. They should not have technology on display or be distracted by it when they are travelling. If they see anything that concerns them they should report this to the police either by using 101 or 999 in an emergency situation. If they ever find themselves outside the school and they have any concerns or feel worried please ask them to return to school and speak to a member of staff who will be able to support them.

    Please reinforce with your children that they should not be talking to or interacting with strangers, even if these individuals try and get their attention in some way. Please be sure that your children are clear what your own arrangements are for drop off and pick up. If these have to change at the last minute, please let us know at the school by emailing office@uptoncourtgrammar.org.uk so that we are aware of any changes of plan, that may impact on children waiting around the school site.

    We will be reiterating these safety messages in school for all children.

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