At the forefront of education for over 100 years Education at Upton Court is about inspirational teachers and aspirational pupils At the forefront of education for over 100 years Education at Upton Court is about inspirational teachers and aspirational pupils At the forefront of education for over 100 years Education at Upton Court is about inspirational teachers and aspirational pupils


The Course

Psychology, already a well-respected facilitating subject for university applications was in 2015 classified amongst the Science subjects. An exciting move forward for students interested in studying the mind and human behaviour whilst aspiring to secure a degree in an empirical Science field. At Upton Court Grammar Psychology is an incredibly popular choice at Key Stage 5. As Psychology was amongst the 1st set of subjects to move to the new assessment structure both year one and year two courses are

The new specification for Psychology enable students to study a range of exciting and current psychological topics including:

  • Mental illness Schizophrenia and OCD
  • Addictive behaviour
  • Causes of anti-social behaviour
  • The influence of biology and genetics on behaviour
  • Gender development.

Trips and Visits

The nature of the topics study leant themselves to a number of trips and visits.

Bethlem Royal Hospital visit

National Psychology Conference

Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology - Science Museum

Freud Museum

False Memory Archive

Holocaust exhibition at The Imperial War Museum.


Whats in it for you.

Psychology A level is amongst the most versatile in preparations for higher education across a range of fields as well employment. The course deepens human understanding of behaviour, helps us read individuals reliably and predict thus prevent maladaptive behaviour. A Level Psychology developments student’s critical reasoning skills, the ability to communicate balanced arguments and ability to plan and conduct investigations. Whether you want to use psychology directly or indirectly in your future, it will certainly provide you with the ability to view the world around you from different perspectives.


Success Stories


Currently Reading Psychology at Nottingham University:

Understanding the complexity of the working mind is something I consider to be remarkable, thus, choosing Psychology for an A Level was a very obvious choice for me as I wanted to explore this interest in much more detail. Psychology allowed me to think outside the box as no answer is truly right or wrong in this course which was helpful to add creativity and my own style application. Now reading Psychology at university and aspiring to be a Clinical Psychologist, I believe that doing Psychology for A level allowed me to understand whether Psychology was of a true interest, particularly which parts of Psychology I would enjoy to pursue as a career. Personally, it has allowed me to grow in both my verbal and non-verbal communication, teamwork and being more confident in my discussions which are vital skills for any career. Beyond the course, the writing techniques I developed through this course was exceptionally helpful towards writing my personal statement during my university application as I learnt how to express my opinions clearly.


Harsimrin Lidhar

Reading Economics at University of Manchester

I am currently studying Economics at The University of Nottingham and am so glad I chose Psychology as one of my A Level options! I chose psychology because I was fascinated in people’s behaviours. I wanted to know why I do certain things in a certain way, as well as being intrigued by the course topics! Psychology contributed greatly to my university application because psychology teaches you skills that are relevant and relatable to all types of degrees. For example, Studying Psychology has enhanced my research skills and has allowed me to analyse behaviour and trends. Behaviour is fundamental to economics as decisions are based on individuals' conduct, therefore demonstrating how studying psychology was able to strengthen my application by tailoring the skills learnt to my degree of choice. My aspiration is to work in a leading investment bank, where markets heavily fluctuate based on people’s behaviour. Psychology being a subject of people’s behaviour will support my journey towards my career goal greatly because the content learnt will help me understand and manipulate situations to my favour as I will be able to understand why people behave in a particular way! TAKE PSYCHOLOGY!